What All Can You Do to Help Your Neighbors After a House Fire?

With announced emergencies and expected natural disasters, you can probably keep yourself prepared with evacuation plans and emergency kits. But when it comes to fire accidents, no one is prepared. If anyone in your neighborhood has experienced a fire, you must lend a helping hand in a genuine manner. Sometimes, we are also willing to help but we are reluctant and don’t know what exactly should be done.

If you think that they are struggling too much, you should take advice them to get in touch with a reliable fire damage restoration services provider. But there are a few things that you can also do. We have come up with certain ways in which you can provide help to your neighbors.

1. Visit them often

You might not have been to your neighbor’s place before or they might have come across to you as unapproachable. However, you shouldn’t back out during the times of need. Don’t be hesitant to knock at their door and express your concerns over whatever happened. Keep checking in and try to know if they need your help with anything. Showing up during the times of need will make them feel that they have supportive people around them.

2. Don’t just say it, do it

People are often heard saying things like “Sorry to know about it. Let me know if I can help you in anyway.” But try not to stop at these formalities. Sometimes, the person may be reluctant to ask for help and may feel awkward to ask what they need. Encourage them to speak up and be more open and communicative. Run errands for them, offer to drop and pick up or make phone calls to fire restoration companies for them. It will prove to be a huge relief for them. 

3. Offer financial support

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” they say. If you believe in being there for someone in need, don’t refrain from helping in every way. Even if your neighbors have insurance, it can take a while until it gets processed and approved. See if you can offer financial support or write a check for them so that it can take the financial pressure off their shoulders.

4. Donate furniture

Fire can cause irreparable damage and everything can burn to ashes. There might be a possibility that your neighbor’s beds and sofas have burned and they sleep on the floor. During such times, you can give away the extra furniture you have and render some help. Lamps, chairs, school supplies etc can also be given so that the bare necessities can be taken care of.

5. Provide with groceries

After fire damage, your neighbors can get really busy with restoration and cleaning. During such times, they cannot prioritize grocery shopping or having meals on time. Ask them if you can do grocery shopping for them or invite them over for dinner. It will also help them get over their exhaustion.

Carry out the above mentioned steps with no sense of obliging and you will definitely bring a smile on the face of your neighbors. We hope you do the needful. Keep safe!