5 Rarely Known Factors Responsible for Causing a Home Fire

When there is a fire in the house, it is often assumed that it started from the kitchen. However there are many other places and resources that can be responsible for causing fire. Through this article, we will acquaint you with these unknown stimuli and rarely known fire hazards. Here’s a brief about each one of them.

1. Laptops

There are times when you work for hours together on your laptop. And sometimes, you leave it switched on and get busy with other things. It is possible that heat from the laptop gets underneath the materials it has been put upon (Bed, pillow or couch) and starts a fire. To prevent this from happening, you should ideally mount your laptop on a stand or put a fan table below it. Also, when you are not around, switch it off or put it on a non-flammable material.

2. Dishwasher

A fire causing from dishwasher is quite a rarity. But it isn’t impossible either. If your dishwasher is faulty, water can drip into the internal wires of a machine. Make sure you maintain your dishwasher and get it serviced at regular intervals so there are no water leaks or fire hazards because of it.

3. Glassware

It may sound to you like a myth, but fish bowls, glass door knobs and jam jars have also been responsible for reflecting sun rays enough to cause a fire. So it’s not just a magnifying glass that can start a fire. When light is refracted by a glass on objects like curtains, paper or any other flammable item, fire can start over the time. Make sure you keep the glassware away from the areas where they are likely to cause a fire.

4. Dust

Dust particles under beds and furniture can be a cause of fire if they come in contact with electrical sockets, electronics and heating appliances. Such situations can occur if sparks fly towards the dust particles and spread the fire gradually. To eliminate this possibility, make sure that you vacuum under the bed and couch regularly.

5. Batteries

Inappropriate disposal of 9-volt batteries in the garage and basements has often been responsible for causing huge fire accidents. If these batteries come in contact with any kind of metal and the metal touches other flammable object like paper or dust particles, fire can start in no time. So make sure you keep these batteries away from metal objects. Information about safely disposing them can be easily found on the internet.
Although these are little known factors responsible behind a home fire, you must know about them to be able to prevent such situations from happening. However, if there is a fire and you are not able to put it off, you must get in touch with your nearest fire station. After the fire has been put off, you can avail of professional fire damage restoration services which will help you recover important objects and make sure that minimal damage is caused.