What To Do After A Fire?


‘Fire’ is something that instantly reminds one of an emergency situation. When a house is on fire, it’s destructive and disparaging. Even when the fire is over, the situation is entirely messed up and the next step to be taken doesn’t strike immediately as you are emotionally exhausted as well. Here’s a brief instruction guide which will help you at the delicate moment of stress.

Get assured that the site is safe to enter

Don’t enter the site before you get a green signal from the fire personnel. It can be hazardous to do so. The fire causes the walls and ceilings to weaken and entry might be prohibited before proper restoration process. When you are allowed to go inside, immediately start the restoration work before the poisonous gas and elements hurt you and your family.

Ensure security of the site

After the fire is exhausted, don’t leave the site unattended. It might be at risk of theft, unfavorable weather conditions, or vandalism. Before you leave the site, make sure you get all the main doors and windows locked with the help of the firemen.

Call important / relevant people

Once the running around is done and the fire is off, you need to call your family members or fellow housemates and inform them about it. Call your insurance company at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience later. If you are a tenant, you immediately need to call the house owner as well.

Clean up the damaged property

If the fire had been controlled at the earliest, it is possible that your house isn’t destroyed totally but just went through some damages. Confirm it from the fire brigade and if it is only damaged, arrange for your clean up requirements. Even if it is not visible, the smoke and soot that is left behind can be harmful and should be dealt with as soon as possible. You can also take professional help and hire fire damage restoration services if you want to be sure everything’s normal again.

The above steps aren’t very complicated and easy to remember. And at the time of crisis, these are the very words of wisdom one might be looking for. Ensuring safety of your people and important belongings should be your first priority. If the site needs to be renovated before accommodation, it is better to shift to some temporary dwelling while the work is going on. It will save you from all the harmful particles that have infected your house and let the renovation work carry on swiftly. Make sure you inform all the concerned people about your change in address.

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